Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Little Boots is back - hear 'Shake It Til Your Heart Breaks' now, and get a FREE MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD

Behind these eyes is a tiny amazing song factory filled with a round-the-clock workforce of pop goblins.
Maybe the most shocking thing about Little Boots is that to our knowledge no one in any interview ever has asked her just how big her boots actually are.  That's a troubling fact, to be sure, but is likely because every interviewer has found themselves utterly overcome with her output of VERY GOOD POP MUSIC.

And can we blame them?  After all, this is the woman who gave us 'New In Town,' with its urban-jazz hands video clip, and the post-Gaga RedOne brilliance that was 'Remedy.'  In fact, screw it, this is the woman who gave us the entire 'Hands' album which is literally amazing in parts and a bit crap in others but averages out to a SOLID B+ which is pretty much the best a pop album can get these days unless you're Kylie.

And now Ms. Boots is back with her follow-up LP, or at least the lead buzz single from it.  The track is called 'Shake Until Your Heart Breaks,' is already the frontrunner for "most brilliant song title of the year," and is amazing.  It sees the artist go in a harder, clubbier direction than her past output, with pretty spectacular results.  And thanks to the magic of the interwebs, you can hear it here right now:

Little Boots - Shake Till Your Heart Breaks by mdrezk


Also, Little Boots is embarking on a "DJ tour" which is apparently a thing that DJs do, which will see her spinning in clubs literally all around the world.  Presumably to show just how awesome that is going to be, she's also offered up a mix tape of tracks that everyone can have as a download for ABSOLUTELY NO CHARGE because she knows pop music fans are cheap. 

FREE MIXTAPE DOWNLOAD (feat. 'Shake It Til Your Heart Breaks')

Also amazing.  And free.