Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rihanna is ACTUALLY BACK with a BLAZING new single - listen to 'Only Girl' now in full!

Rihanna's brooding and challenging 'Rated R' experiment worked out about as well as Kylie's 'X' did (ie NOT VERY WELL AT ALL), proving that regardless of how big a star you are, naming your album based on a letter is just a stupid idea.  Sure it sold decently, but it moved nowhere near the numbers expected.  Worse, it tarnished the Rihanna brand a bit, as she had always been known for her 'jamz' and such.

Well all that mess is behind her, Proper Rihanna is back with a brand new single called 'Only Girl.'  It is dancy, anthemic and has "smash" written all over it with Dr. Pepper Bonne Bell lip gloss, and we couldn't be more pleased.  It's just the thing RiRi needed to give her career a kick and remind the casual listener just why she's such a huge superstar in the first place.

'Rated R' wasn't an outright disaster, of course, and it will add a certain credibility to her career from here on out (which is likely exactly why it was released), but much like Kelly Clarkson, whose 'My December' was also all dark and angsty and met with tepid sales, Rihanna's post-downer-period is shaping up to be her best.  It just goes to show, a pop star is never better than when they're on the comeback trail.

Welcome back, RiRi.