Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kid Sister (who is NOT Nikki Minaj) is giving it away for free - get the FREE mixtape download now!

She chose this shot because it is slimming.
Kid Sister chucked out a quite listenable tune called 'Right Hand Hi' a long time ago and then, judging by her public profile over the last few months, went to the spa for about a year or so. 

Luckily they appear to have had a rather advanced recording studio at whatever spa it was, and Miss Sister was able to lay down some tracks in between mud baths or whatever the hell goes on in those places.  She's actually worked with some pretty great people, and her stuff isn't half bad.  But once you've been the "next big thing" and then disappeared, it's hard to get that momentum back.  Especially when that Nikki Minaj thing kinda stole your thunder...

Anyhow, for those of you who don't remember (i.e. ALL OF YOU), this is what 'Right Hand Hi' was like:

Not bad, eh?  Well if you'd like some more things that sound like that but slightly different, here's a link to a whole bunch of Nikki, Kid Sister tunes: