Saturday, April 3, 2010

Katie Melua's new single with William Orbit is brilliant and you can listen to it now!

Katie Melua never really knocked our socks off, to be honest.  It was all a bit whiny guitar pop but without the bite of greats like Brandi Carlisle or Ani Difranco.  Enter William Orbit, the guy who is probably most famous for being the man behind Madonna's 'Ray of Light,' and suddenly we are very very interested in what Melua's new album will bring.  If this lead single is anything to go by, the project is going to go down as a raging success - at least artistically.  As great as this song is, it's certainly not screaming 'radio-friendly,'  at least to our ears.  Still, it is very very good and starts off as a moody Bond theme and ends as a disco-y Bond theme.

Did we mention it was good?
Out May 17