Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dragonette and Martin Solveig are BACK and 'Big In Japan'

"I am French so I make this gesture."
Dragonette (aka the best band in the world that you've never heard of) has once again teamed up with French DJ producer extraordinaire Martin Solveig for a brand new single that sounds exactly like their last one, 'Hello.'  Which is an amazing thing.  Because 'Hello' was amazing.

Dragonette have long been a ScopiSat favorite, due to their being the actual greatest group doing music at the moment, but have yet to break through on their own.  Nevertheless, they've achieved great success with the aforementioned 'Hello,' which ruled clubs the world over all year, and a number of writing credits on some very big albums.  They even penned one of our other pop pets, Nicola Roberts' latest single 'Lucky Day.' 

Solveig, for his part - his quirky, head-banded part, has been pretty active in his home country, and actually made quite a few waves around Europe.  Once 'Hello' came out, of course, he "blew up" as the kids say, and has since been rumored to be working with no less than THE ACTUAL MADONNA.  So...stay tuned.

As for their new single, it's called 'Big In Japan,' and it is a banging, hop-up-and-down-to-the-beat-until-the-floor-collapses type tune, complete with a donk on it and a catchy melody. 

The track also features something called an Idoling!!! (yes, 3 !!!s.  Because, why not.) which "the blogs" say is a girl band or something who is kind of like a Japanese version of Sugababes but a bit more shit.  They don't have a whole lot to do in the song, but they are indeed BIG IN JAPAN so we suppose it made sense to include them.

Here's the tune in all its glory, along with a delightful video. 

As the track says:  "Keep my head down, look away from the flash/ I’ve got a plane full of people saying I’ve got a smash."

Let's hope they're right.