Monday, September 19, 2011

Agnes warns 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart' in new single - listen to the premiere now!

"Before DulcoLax, every day was a struggle"
Agnes is a pop star who comes from Sweden.  Since she comes from Sweden, it would be safe to assume that she is amazing even without any direct evidence to support that assumption, but luckily for our well-respected editorial integrity (citation needed) Agnes has put out some songs in the past (like her hit single 'Release Me') that indisputably proves it.

She started her career on Swedish Idol, and has since become their answer to Kelly Clarkson but gayer and without the boring "artistic" album, and has steadily been building a healthy following outside her home country.  In fact, the aforementioned 'Release Me' went all the way to the UK top 5 - though to be fair that may have just been because everyone thought it was a Leona Lewis song. 
Different people.

Now, international success in tow, Agnes is ready to launch her fourth album, and is gearing up for it with the RATHER GOOD lead single 'Don't Go Breaking My Heart.'  It is, thank god, not a cover of the Elton John/Kiki Dee hit (not that their tune isn't amazing, we're just guessing some Swedish broad doing a eurotrash cover of it probably wouldn't be met with too much success.  Except in Romania.  They'll buy anything in Romania.) but is instead a FULLY NEW, FULLY FANTASTIC jam.

A big-budget video is coming shortly, and if this is all played right (and if the girl from Cascada doesn't have her killed for stealing her thunder) Agnes might just get the sustained international success her royalty accountants so desperately crave.