Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kelis puts a donk on it: her new song 'Acapella' is a literally very amazing rave-up - listen now

Kelis is taking a break from her current divorce drama and finally releasing some new music. And it is good. Oh, it is very good, readers. It's a world away from the (still brilliant) R&B minimalist shimmy of 'Milkshake,' but it sounds like she's been doing this kind of mind-blowing dance for her whole life. 'Acapella' is a David Guetta donk-fest in the vein of Kylie's 'Light Years' or even an updated 'I Feel Love' by Donna Summer. It is new and fresh but still very 'now,' and deserves to be absolutely massive.

10/10, about as close to perfection as pop can get. And who'd have known it'd come from Kelis. 'Acapella' is likely going to be the sound of the season at holiday parties, clubs, and anywhere it is poppers o'clock. Just remember you heard it here first - we totally called this one. No word on an official release, but a new album is due in 2010 on Geffen Records via Will.i.am's Music Group. I don't think I'm alone when I say the Spring can't come soon enough.

Sign of the Apocalypse #9: Fredrick Ford trades in porn for pop

It must be difficult to be so good at one thing, and so bad at another... Here is porn star Fredrick Ford (his real name, obviously) in his new video, for the single 'Life of the Party.'