Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Madonna's Celebration video preview. Mess.

Really? This is what being 'down with the kids today' means? ScopiSat is hoping that all these previews floating around are actually just little stand-alone ads created to throw us all off the track of what the finished product will be and have no relevance or relation to the ACTUAL video which will be PHENOMENAL and remind us all why Madonna still matters. :(

More Menya! And this time they hook up!

We all already know that Menya is amazing and that they have a new single 'dropping' on the 31st. Now we have the second entry in their '3 Covers' week, in the lead up to its release. Today brings 'I Hook Up,' originally and inferior-ly by Kelly Clarkson. Witness the greatness.

Madonna's 'Celebration' video preview

Some thoughts:

1. It's a bit like a promo for 'So You Think You Can Be America's Next Dance Idol With The Stars' or something
2. Madonna-mantis must have broken her hip prior to filming or something because we've watched the thing several times and are pretty sure she's not in it
3. Didn't she do the 'people dancing in boxes to music' thing for 'Human Nature'?
4. 'Human Nature' was amazing wasn't it?
5. Yes. It was.

Imogen Heap is on the First Train Home

So she may have Fraggle hair and a tendency to over-mime in her videos, but good god this single is amazing isn't it? Imogen (that's Ms. Heap to you) has just put out the video for 'First Train Home' from her new album 'Ellipse.' Some highlights:
1. the 'first train home I've got to get on it' bit
2. everything else

Apparently the artist wasn't happy with the video, so she directed her own. Imogen's version will pop up in a few days no doubt and then we'll have to talk about which is better and if she really just wasted her time and pissed off a director and her label etc etc but until then we can just enjoy a damn good tune. The album and single are out now on Megaphonic Records

Florence + the Machine do a Drumming Song

Here is the new and very good video for 'Drumming Song,' by an act that has been all over 'the blogs' for some time now, and more recently has been all over the top of the album charts in the UK. In the video there is dancing, a church, and dancing in a church. It's all a bit "'Eyes Wide Shut' with gold hotpants", but it works out quite well. Good job to everyone, champagne all around.

Out on Island Records on September 13. The album, 'Lungs' is out in the US and UK digitally now, with a physical release in the US on October 20.