Friday, November 4, 2011

Jailbait Boyband Ahoy - here's the One Direction album sampler!

Not an American Eagle ad.
So One Direction came in third place in the UK X Factor, but by all accounts have done QUITE WELL since then.  They signed a £2 million record contract with SyCo Music, chucked out a number 1 single, and are gearing up to foist their debut album on the world.

And here's the thing - it's not crap.  Well, it's kind of crap.  But it's good, wholesome, radio-friendly crap, featuring songs written by Ed Sheeran and THE ACTUAL KELLY CLARKSON.  There are some definite jams on the record, as you can hear below, and if you can get past the fact that it's a bunch of kids who can't even get served in a pub jumping around talking about how amazing real love is, then you're a) better at ignoring logical inconsistencies than we are, and b) probably going to enjoy this record very much. 

The label certainly has a lot of faith in the band (KELLY CLARKSON!) and as evidence of that, the band - before they've released a single album - have already announced a headlining tour of the UK and Ireland.  Sure, it'll probably be in the back lot of an Asda, but come on.  How many headlining tours have YOU embarked on?