Monday, August 29, 2011

Last night the VMAs happened and so did a new Rihanna/Nicki Minaj video

Tranny realness.
Okay.  So if you didn't watch the MTV Video Music Awards last night, you missed...well, you missed some things.  As Adam Levine famously Tweeted the other day, it's the one day of the year that MTV pretends to still care about music, and as such it comes across as pretty disingenuous at the best of times, but it's still the most interesting awards show in America that isn't about porn.

It was a jam-packed evening, during which Gaga officially became lame and insufferable, Britney got what was coming to her (The Video Vanguard Award), and Beyonce WURQ-ed her preggo ass off.  And also, for no reason, the new Nicki Minaj/Rihanna video debuted.

And it's weird, people.  Like, 80's Mad Max weird, with Nicki just bitch-stomping around looking kind of like Aretha Franklin until Rihanna wanders aimlessly into frame looking confused.  Oh and they're standing in the middle of a plane crash.  Because the song is named 'Fly.' 

So already we know the whole thing is a bit batsh*t crazy, but whatever, it's Nicki and Rihanna so that's kind of par for the course, and when the chips are down the song is one of Nicki's best so far.  So if you can get over the inherently uncomfortable image of two women writhing their poons around sexually on an empty smoldering swingset at the epicenter of a horrifying disaster, then it's all-in-all NOT TOO BAD.

Plus Nicki has leopard hair.  So there's that.