Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Estelle's new video is so good it's 'Freak'-y - watch the premiere now!

The other day we wrote about the new jam by Estelle (pictured above seated in the 'home' section of an Urban Outfitters) and David Guetta, a banging club corker that is a million miles from 'American Boy.' 

Well now the video has arrived, and by our count it is squarely in the QUITE GOOD to MIND BLOWINGLY-BRILLIANT range. 

Let's tally it up shall we:

Purple theme:  +1
Kaleidoscope effect:  +1
Things that happen in SPACE:  +2
Rappy bit where a man stands there and points because he cannot risk appearing 'pop' even while performing in a pop video:  -1
Pop star in a dress that is giant on the bottom but normal on top:  +4
Top-notch CGI:  +1
Neon:  +2
A GIANT FINGER that points from the sky FOR NO REASON:  +1
Estelle dancing:  -2

TOTAL:  9 points, plus an additional 3 discretionary points with no justification whatsoever just  to underscore the completely arbitrary nature of the point system, for a sum of TWELVE. 

What that number means, readers, is ultimately up to you, but I think we can all agree that it is clearly a VERY GOOD SCORE.