Saturday, August 27, 2011

FREE DOWNLOAD: Ronika's new 80's freestyle-ish jam 'In The City' is VERY GOOD

Werk at the wash-n-fold
There is a new thing called a Ronika.  It is a band that consists of one girl and also, presumably, some computers and instruments and things, but mostly just the girl.  Who is named Ronika.

The interesting thing about Ronika is that she is VERY GOOD and also that she is a lot like Madonna back when she was amazing.  Her songs have an 80's/90's tinge, and there's a definite vocal similarity.  In fact, she kind of comes off like a really good Madonna impersonator who everyone goes to see and thinks "she should totally do songs."  And then she did.

There are a slew of ways Roni is similar to Ms. M - vocal style, musical style, and the fact that the gays will probably enjoy her very much.  She is also different than Madonna, but mostly in good ways.  Let's compare and contrast, shall we?

1.  Ronika can sing.  Madonna can shout in tune or coo slightly off tune.  ADVANTAGE RONIKA
2.  Ronika is a British person.  Madonna would like to be a British person but is not.  ADVANTAGE RONIKA.
3.  Ronika has one name but it is a bit crap.  Madonna also has one name and it is amazing.   ADVANTAGE MADONNA
4.  Ronika is young.  Madonna would like to be young but is not.  ADVANTAGE RONIKA x1000

So at this point we can probably all agree that things are looking pretty dire for Madge-Mantis in the EPIC DIVA SHOWDOWN ring.  But there is one thing that Ronika can't counter and that is that Madonna is Madonna and being Madonna beats everything including being the president or Jesus.  So...

5. M A D O N N A star-asterisk-italics-bold-underline THE END

All in all, though, Madonna's trump card does nothing to take away from the fact that Ronika is AMAZING and that her new song is Fantastic with a capital F.  So enjoy 'In The City' and get a free download of it HERE.