Wednesday, March 24, 2010

That Christina Aguilera thing we told you about is this:

Yeah.  That's all.  

The new single will premiere next week or something but we stopped caring when she baited us for days all for a photograph with some words on it.  But if the song is amazing we'll totally love her again.  Because we're fickle.  And that's ok.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor is 'Bittersweet' in new video - watch the video premiere now!

A few days ago we went on and on about how wonderful the new Sophie Ellis-Bextor track is and then gave you a link to the song with a static, but still rather lovely, photographic image of Sophie. Apparently with the idea that "if an unmoving photograph looks so wonderful with my song, I bet MOVING images would look even better," Miss Bextor has done a thing called a music video.

They used to be on TV. Ask your parents.

Anyway, it has dancing and feathers and compliments the song excellently. Best of all, there's no dodgy Gaga-Beyonce dialogue :-/