Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So how's the Nicola Roberts solo thing going then? Well she's made a new video for 'Yo-Yo' so not as bad as it could be...

Whatever are we to do with poor Nicola.  Poor, poor Nicola. 

She's not poor, of course, as her "makeup for gingers" sells quite well and also she was IN FUCKING GIRLS ALOUD.  But if her solo career was all we were going on, we'd have to say she was quite poorly indeed.

Her first track, 'Beat Of My Drum,' despite being balls-to-the-wall brilliant and essentially being a better version of Madonna's big comeback single only recorded and released several months earlier, landed with a thud at #27 in the UK.  Then, her big followup - the Dragonette (!!) penned 'Lucky Day' - fared even worse down at #40.  Sure the album cracked the top 20, but it's the UK for chrissake.  It's not like it's that difficult.

But none of that unfortunateness will deter our little red minx.  No, Nicola soldiers bravely on in true British fashion, with a brand new video for 'Yo-Yo.'  It's a very good song, but like her other VERY GOOD SONGS, it will probably do absolutely nothing on the charts.  It's quite nice of her to give us a video clip for it, though, don't we think?  (Yes.)

The video features a party, a crushed velvet dress, and also an ACTUAL YO-YO. 

Because of course.