Thursday, February 24, 2011

Far East Movement thinks '2 Is Better' with Natalia Kills

In 10 years this is what every Starbucks will look like
British songstress Natalia Kills is one of those artists that has been "up and coming" for a very long time.  So long, in fact, that we've begun to wonder when she'll just get it over with and COME but if history has taught us anything it's that all this junk is entirely unpredictable and our NEXT BIG POP STAR will probably be none of the hotly tipped youngsters we talk about, but rather an aging 3-legged dog from a former Soviet republic that howls along to Heidi Montag songs or something.

Or just Heidi Montag :(

Anyhoodle, despite not having a breakthrough hit yet, Natalia is still plugging away - this time with LA-based Far East Movement, who have a couple of rather large hits under their belt already.  The song is a gloriously hip electro affair, and the accompanying clip is equally SUPER-NOW and is probably the result of a focus group who decided that "DOWNTOWN GLAM-CLASH" or some other ridiculous term that actually means NOTHING was the aesthetic of the future and shot a whole video in a condemned Williamsburg warehouse without ever realizing that Lady Gaga already did this in 2009 after she ripped off all the kids who had been doing this since 2005. 

But whatever it's still super good.