Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shirley Manson goes solo on 'Pretty Horses' - listen now!

To be honest we kind of forgot Garbage existed.  Not that we didn't love them, they just sort of faded away and as it turns out they didn't leave much of a void behind.  But now - because the time is PERFECT FOR A COMEBACK or something - former frontwoman Shirley Manson is finally unleashing her first solo material. 

In the interest of managing expectations, let's just say right off the bat that it's a bit underwhelming, so don't get too excited.  It's kind of a Fiona Apple cast-off, right down to the copycat "I've been a bad bad girl" lyric and melody ripped from Apple's genius 'Criminal,' and - while not terrible - is completely and utterly forgettable.  But, as Shirley takes great pains to point out, this is just a demo, so we can all hope and pray that somewhere tucked beneath her shockingly well preserved exterior she is hiding some brilliant and original ideas.