Sunday, August 29, 2010

A VERY ATTRACTIVE MAN named Jamie Scott has joined with producer TommyD to create something quite good - watch the Graffiti 6 video now!

Jamie Scott is a singer.  He is also absolutely perfect in every way that is physically or aurally apparent.  He is the kind of person that we all would hate if he wasn't also seemingly sweet, unassuming, and ridiculously talented, and it's hard to imagine that his career isn't going to balloon one of these days.

For now though, he has teamed with producer TommyD for one of those "projects" that creative types are so fond of these days.  This particular pairing is called Graffiti 6, and their lead single is the VERY GOOD 'Stare Into The Sun.'  It has kind of a low-fi, Beck-meets-Mark Ronson way about it, and though it may not be an instant chart topper, it has all the hallmarks of a slow burner. 

Graffiti 6's album is out Sept 27 in the UK, and if that all goes well the US won't be far behind.