Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Miley Cyrus shows us what she sees 'When I Look At You' - watch the new video now!

About two years ago we fell in love with Miley completely by accident and against our better instincts.  It was in a cab on the way back from Newark airport, and a song came on the radio.  It was a infectious, insistent, and even brilliant.  'This song is going to save pop in America,' we thought.  And then it was a Miley Cyrus song and we died a little inside. 

Anyway, the still-not-legal pole dancer has a new video out but don't get excited - this is a world away from 'Party In The USA.'  It's from Ms. Cyrus' new movie 'The Last Song' which comes out at the end of March and looks exactly like something Mandy Moore would have been in if she wasn't so busy doing......nothing.   As for the song, it's a broody ballad all about BOYS and how much it hurts to love BOYS and has a guitar and a piano in it so you know it means business. 

PS the song we heard was 'See You Again.'  And it is still amazing. 

Also we miss Mandy Moore :(