Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Queen of Hearts FREE DOWNLOAD ahoy! Listen to (and download) "A Moment In Love" now!

"I am a queen except not really.  Also I am very pale."
There is a thing called Queen of Hearts and it is very good even though it is neither a Queen nor a Heart.  It is actually a woman and instead of queening or pumping blood it sings songs.  The songs are very good in an "I AM AN ELECTROPOP ARTIST WHO WILL NEVER HAVE A HIT BUT WILL BE FEATURED ON MANY BLOGS" kind of way, and luckily for all the people out there (read: everyone under 50) who get their music online now, that means Queen of Hearts is, by necessity, quite technology savvy.

The Queen (we call her "The Queen" even though she is not, actually, "THE QUEEN," although if Queen Elizabeth of England put out a single we think we can all agree it would be a little bit phenomenal in a life-changing way*) has been running an online media social blitz for the last few months now, and has finally drummed up enough interest to warrant an ACTUAL RELEASE OF MUSIC albeit in the form of a free download.  Unsurprisingly, the track featured as the download is one of her best we've heard so far, and is all cool computer beats and Kylie-esque warblings with a fauxhemian edge.  In other words it is VERY GOOD, and accordingly should be downloaded by everyone.

Beware, ScopiSubjects - it's only available for another 24 hours so get your 'Moment' before it's gone!

* Queen Elizabeth's single should be a poppers-o-clock donkfest with a middle-8 breakdown and a discowhistle, and feature a spoken word verse with a chorus sung by Dev or Keri Hilson or the lady from Dragonette.  Also it should clock in at under 3 minutes but come with remixes that are at least 12 minutes long and sample unrecognizable but "credible" 80's rap records.  LMFAO should not be allowed anywhere near this project.