Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The boys from The Wanted do a porn - watch the video for 'Lightning' now!

And this is only two of them.
Ok so it's not really a porn.  But it's close.

It seems like ever since the young one (Nathan, we think, or Chris, or James or something...) turned 18, The Wanted have gotten racier and racier.  Not that we're complaining mind you - it's just an observation.

We basically "would" with them all, even though we'd only do it with some of them because they're in a famous band, but to be fair it is A VERY GOOD BAND who does VERY GOOD SONGS like 'Lightning.'  Actually, though, now that we think of it, maybe we ARE complaining about their OVERT SEXINESS.  We almost wish that they weren't quite so damn hot, since that is bound to get in the way of anyone enjoying their tracks for what they are - rather brilliant slices of of-the-moment pop.

Take 'Lightning' for example: while we're all staring at their chiseled-but-not-too-chiseled triceps, a great beat is happening, and while everyone is enamored with the post-production-"sexy" flesh tone they've all been given, a catchy melody is thumping around.  So in the interest of journalistic integrity we must ask:  ARE THE WANTED TOO SEXY FOR THEIR OWN GOOD?

And of course the answer is no.

Take it off, boys.