Monday, December 13, 2010

The Scissor Sisters get all NSFW in their new video - watch 'Invisible Light' now!

it's not easy being a queen
ScopiSat has been under the weather the last week (read: ACTUALLY DYING) so we apologize for the lack of posts.  But to make up for it we have a doozy for you.

Scissor Sisters' current album campaign didn't exactly go to plan, with lead single 'Fire With Fire' missing the UK top ten and the follow up single 'Any Which Way' charting outside the Top 75 all together.  Since they don't have to (can't really) worry about commercial success at the moment, the Sisters have decided to go super ARTSY and CUTTING EDGE and ALIENATING in a bid to either exorcise some of their inner sex demons, reclaim their status as cultural "outsiders," or both. 

'Invisible Light' is a disco-electro (let's face it, it's Scissor Sisters, we all know what we're getting) romp but to be honest it's nothing particularly special.  Perhaps that's why they chose to pair it with a video that combines some pretty dark themes with full-on nudity and turkey-eating.

We have to admit we're totally digging the video, and the song is growing on us.  Maybe the Sisters haven't shot their wad after all?