Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oh look it's LADY GAGA'S JUDAS VIDEO you do.
Lady Gaga has a song out and it is called 'Judas' and she has done a video for it.  Some of it is in black and white and some of it is in color, and some of it is in black and white and color all at the same time.  There are bikes and boobs and also some dancing, but mostly there are weird religious overtones and Lady Gaga looking ACTUALLY HOT.

It is what people tend to call "VERY GOOD" and almost makes up for how "meh" the song is.  But not quite.

EDIT: FIXED VIDEO - it should work until the interweb police find it again :(
EDIT 2:  You can watch the video HERE (for now)

Frankmusik's new video featuring Far East Movement is VERY GOOD in a boring Vegas-y kind of way

"My snake is huge and has a taste for hairy creatures"
Frankmusik has a weirdly sexy name, which is fitting because he's a weirdly sexy guy.  He also does weirdly sexy music, and accordingly hasn't found much mainstream success as yet, because people like "weird" and they like "sexy" but don't often like "weirdly sexy" unless it's a blue alien in "Avatar" with big boobs.

Frank's (we call him Frank) new single, 'Do It In The AM' is looking to change that, though - it features Far East Movement, who have scored two recent US top ten hits, which is probably why the track has been launched in the US rather than Frankmusik's native UK.  It's also probably why the video is all desert-y and sort of Vegas/Southwest themed - something that the Brits don't really connect much with, in the same way that they don't connect with Wal*Marts or skin that tans. 

To be honest we don't connect much with a lot of the video's imagery either, but we do connect with LINGERING CLOSEUPS OF DELICIOUS-LOOKING CHILI DOGS, so this video gets a pass from us and then some. 

The song isn't half bad either - it's not as electro-wacky as 'Better Off As Two,' but to be fair that's probably on purpose. 

It'll certainly be interesting to see where the whole Frankmusik thing goes next after this, especially if the track achieves any sort of success Stateside (IT WON'T), and actually it will probably be just as interesting to watch if the song flops (IT WILL).

Regardless of how 'Do It In The AM' does, though, we still totally would let Frank (we call him Frank, remember) do pretty much whatever he wanted to us in the AM.  Or the PM...