Thursday, November 19, 2009

Miley Cyrus and Timbaland say 'We Belong To The Music' - listen to the full track!

In a completely obvious pairing (see what we did with there...because it's not actually obvious at all and is actually quite odd...get it?), Timbaland has tapped Miley Cyrus to appear on his new album 'Shock Value 2.'  The song is just as you'd expect from Timbaland, but Miley's voice actually lends itself pretty nicely to this genre.  In any case it's nice to have someone on a Timbaland record who can actually sing and isn't autotuned within an inch of their life.

'Shock Value 2' is out Dec 8

Elin Lanto's 'Love Made Me Stupid' video - watch now

This song showed up on Popjustice's website today along with the opinion that it is 'very good.'  We're kind of digging it, but with all the hundreds and thousands of songs and videos that must be floating around the Popjustice office we're wondering if this really was the best they could do... In all fairness though, it's Euro, it's catchy and the lyrics are delightfully English-as-a-second-language. Lets all take a listen:

Ugh never mind.  Scratch this whole post, it's amazing.
Dammit, Popjustice...