Friday, October 1, 2010

All Mariah wants for Christmas is a hit single - listen to the premiere of her brand new X-mas tune

Mariah's last album, 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel,' in addition to being one of the most horrifically named records in recent memory (ScopiSat actually was hoping for 'Mariah Carey:  The Squeakuel'), was a BIG BUDGET EPIC FAILURE, whose very mention strikes terror in the hearts of record execs the world over.  It has been certified Gold in the US thanks to some dodgy wrangling and chart technicalities (the record label shipped just over 500,000 copies, even though far, far less have been sold) while in the UK the whole project tanked outside the top 20.

Regardless of her recent commercial failures, mental breakdowns, general trashiness (seriously, we know you love butterflies, just leave it alone) and high-calorie stress eating, Mariah is still remembered fondly for her hits, perhaps none more than 'All I Want For Christmas Is You.'  It was (and remains) that kind of VERY RARE pop Christmas song that becomes an instant classic - that all at once seems timeless and of the moment - and really sets the tone for the holidays.

Well, Miss Cannon has decided to try to catch green and red lightning in a bottle once again.  Because that's super easy to do.  To be honest we kind of stopped caring about Mariah once she "recovered" from her little bout with insanity, but we suppose the song is pleasant enough.

Now that it's October, when the holiday season inexplicably begins for some reason, we can all enjoy this little slice of festive mediocrity.  And then go listen to 'All I Want...' again because it is still AMAZING.