Friday, November 19, 2010

The Kylie onslaught continues - watch the premiere of 'Better Than Today' now!

ScopiSat is of the opinion that 'Better Than Today' is VERY GOOD, and is, in fact, the best choice the K-Mo folks could have made to put the pop princess back on top after the disappointing chart run of 'Get Outta My Way.'  Others - namely die-hard Kylie fans - disagree, but perhaps this shiny new video will silence some of that discontent. 

They certainly didn't blow the budget on this one, but somehow it still manages to come off looking less thrown together than 'Get Outta My Way' did, and is the most "Kylie" a Kylie video has been in ages.

It's also a world better than yesterday's debut of the video for her Taio Cruz duet 'Higher,' which isn't horrible but is essentailly one long BMW advert.

Anyway, here is 'Better Than Today' in all its Pac Man pop goodness:

Kylie Minogue - Better Than Today
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