Friday, November 18, 2011

Lady Gaga is hospitalized in fabulous fashion - watch the preview of 'Marry The Night' now!

When I wake up my stylist will be slowly and painfully murdered
Lady Gaga is batshit and we all know it.  We've come to accept it and a lot of people have come to love her for it.  But she's one of the few people who can pull off crazy with some considerable style, and with the exception of the utter turd that was the "Edge Of Glory" video, has managed to be pretty consistently amazing visually.

Sure she's gotten all heavy-handed, and yeah she takes herself WAY too seriously these days, but who else could make a virtually silent preview for their music video, in which they are literally rolled around on a gurney for 2 minutes, a watercooler talking point?

And granted, in this preview ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENS, but to be fair, it's still classier than most anything that's come out in recent memory so quit your bitching and pop a Klonopin.   For once we're taking Gaga's side - the rest of the video might turn out to be an overwrought mess, but this preview teaser thing is wicked cool in a 'London Hospital'/BBC Period Drama kind of way.  WHICH IS MAYBE THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE.