Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Roisin Murphy's new 'Boadicea' video with Mason is kind of wicked - watch the premiere now

Your move, Gaga.
A while ago we posted the new jam from electro-hipster goddess Roisin Murphy, and we believe we called it 'AMAZING' or 'QUITE GOOD' or something to that effect.

A few weeks on, and the track has received "THE VIDEO TREATMENT" and we are very glad to say that the clip is also AMAZING AND QUITE GOOD.

Roisin has, of late, kind of rejected the big-label model - which is exactly what one would expect an electro-hipster goddess to do, but unfortunately that means we may have to keep scrounging around the interwebs for the scraps of new material she flings about from time to time. 

But when the scraps are this good, it's TOTALLY WORTH IT, so we're not going to complain too loudly.  'Boadicea' is a terrific song, and we're glad it got a video at all even if Roisin herself doesn't appear in it.  The clip is a kind of Madonna-'What It Feels Like For A Girl'-woman-on-a-violent-rampage type of thing that is both jarring and rad, so we'll forgive Miss Murphy's absence.

This time.