Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The JLS video is all hot boys dancing to music

No complaints there then.

Shame about the song. And by 'shame' we mean it's actually a little brilliant but no one can EVER KNOW we think that.

Sliimy has a 'Wake Up' call in new video

While ScopiSat is loathe to promote anything touched or fondled by Perez Hilton, whoever he put in charge of his burgeoning record label is doing an alright job. For example, here's the debut American video by Sliimy, who was signed to Hilton's label not too long ago. It's quite fun don't you think? Fun because there are colors and shapes and a person who would be Mika if Mika were French, but also because because there is a nice tune playing while all that goes on.

Out now on Warner/Perezcious Records

Jade Ewen has a single out

In case you haven't heard, Jade Ewen has some things going on... among them is her new (and likely last...until she gets chucked out like all the other Sugababes) solo single. It's a kind of middling almost-Mariah-but-not-even-close-really affair and the video is all kinds of R&B/pop cliche. Hot guy? Check. Hot girl? Check. Stuffed cougar for no reason? Check.

Out today