Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Barbra kicks the pants off Mariah and Madonna on the US album charts

Diva War '09 has come to a close, and I think we'll all agree the result is somewhat unexpected.   A 67 year old just beat Mariah to the Billboard 200 pole position by quite a few copies, and beat Madonna by a few hundred cargo ships full.  Not only that, but Mariah got beat by emo band Paramore.  Last go-round Ms. Carey bowed with about 400k in her first week, but she's clearly off her game, only managing to pawn off 168k.  Madonna, meanwhile, is way down at 7, which isn't tragic for a greatest hits package, most of which has been released in greatest hits form already.  So that's done and dusted then. 

We all get to meet J.Lo's new alter ego 'Lola' in her new song w/Pitbull (video)

Instead of embracing the wave of pop that is taking over music at the moment and returning to the genre that gave us her best tunes, J.Lo is going all urban with her new 'jam.'  We really can't be bothered to write any more as the whole thing is a wad of crap. 

Terrorizing a radio near you very soon

Ultra Nate and something called DJ King Tutt say 'Faster, Faster Pussycat'

2 people have made noises with each other and then vomited a mass of digital effects sprinkled with tragic dancing onto a bargain-bin film reel.  And now we must watch it. 

It is out now.  I tell you that so you are armed with the knowledge to make an educated decision regarding how best to avoid the song, and so that you are given the opportunity to 'make peace' in case your efforts to avoid the song fail.