Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Foster The People 'Call It What You Want' in new video - watch the premiere now!

Come with me, away to a place where three hot men stand in a picture and have kind of a rapey vibe
Foster the People are awesome and everyone knows it, which is probably why they have been doing QUITE WELL in "the business" lately.  This is apparent from the band's presence at the top of charts all over the place and their high profile appearances on shows like SNL, but perhaps most obvious from the fact that their new video clip has a VERY BIG BUDGET.

It's all shiny and pretty and well-lit, and is also interesting and playful and fun to watch.  In short, it is a very good music video.

Here are some things about it:

1.  There are four giant golden fists in it which, much to our dismay, were not used for actual fisting at any point during the clip.
2.  The band hangs around a super nice house and destroys parts of it, which probably means that they won't be invited back so don't be holding your breath for a sequel video
3.  The clip features all sorts of nonsensical still-lifes, like a band member sitting on a couch holding an umbrella even though he is inside (whimsical!), and one of the band with his head in a fishbowl while the fish flops around desperately on the ground (MURDER!)
4.  There is some text at the bottom of the screen sometimes but you don't need to concern yourself with that because it doesn't really advance the "plot" of the video very much at all so if you are at work or something and you have to watch the clip in a tiny window and keep minimizing it because you think you hear your boss shuffling down the hallway in that way she does because she insists on not doing up her shoes because she's always trying to prove how "laid back" she is and how she's just "one of you guys, dudes", then don't worry because you won't be missing much.  But it's still a fun read if you have a few minutes
5.  Several (all) of the band are VERY HOT.
6.  Altogether the video is, as we said before, what we call "a very good video" and is just the kind of video a very good band should be making at this stage in their career.  So...well done everyone.

Foster the People