Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sign of the Apocalypse #10: Aqua's 'Spin Me Your Christmas' gets a video

Sometimes words fail and we here at ScopiSat have to just sit back and let a work of true artistry speak for itself.  So here, without any introduction or fanfare, is video for the soon-to-be-perennial-classic Aqua Christmas single. 

Girls Can't Catch hear their 'Echo' in new video - watch the full clip now

Last time we saw the Girls Can't Catch crew, they were hanging out in a garbage dump playing croquet.  As you do.  Apparently the girls are pretty crafty, as they've somehow assembled all the trash around them into a digital projection screen, picked some rather fashionable frocks out of the dump, and perched themselves atop the White Cliffs of Dover after popping into John Lewis to have a makeup consult.  As for the song, it's pretty good, albeit in a second-rate Saturdays kind of way.  It's difficult to pinpoint why exactly it comes off that way, but something about the production and vocal delivery brings it down from AMAZING to just very very good. 

 Check out the video here - apologies, as you may have to suffer through an ad for a GPS system you obviously DESPERATELY NEED.

Out Jan 18, 2010 (how did it suddenly become almost 2010?  Is this a shock to anyone else but us??) on Fascination, ahead of a full album sometime in the spring.