Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weezer says 'I'm Your Daddy' in new video - watch now!

ScopiSat has always had a soft spot for Weezer.  Iconic pop masterpieces like 'Buddy Holly' and 'El Scorcho' were the soundtrack to our teens - those flannel-clad years spent angsting in a corner with a pen and paper jotting down lots of flowery but dark adjectives for "the haters" - and though the band has clearly had some growing pains they remain pretty damn great.  Much has been made of the band's turn to a more 'sell out' pop sound, and this semi-backlash has hurt the current album's sales.  'Raditude' is Weezer's lowest charting album in 14 years, but a dedicated fan base still revolves around the guys.  This new video, 'I'm Your Daddy,' is kind of a thank-you card to that lot, featuring fan art, cheering concert patrons, and insane screaming girls who probably think Justin Beiber is playing or something... it's a nice video for a nice song but nothing that is going to change the world.  So that's that and here's the video. 

I'm Your Daddy

Weezer | MySpace Music Videos


Rihanna is a 'Rockstar' on Idol - watch the performance now!

Things are all kind of crazy over in camp Rihanna - the album isn't doing great so there seems to be a general feeling of 'what the holy hell do we do now?' amongst the marketing drones.  Just last week 'Te Amo' was announced as the next single, but  then RiRi goes and performs 'Rockstar 101' on Idol.  It was a fine performance but it's one of our least favorite tracks on the album, and we don't know about you but we're getting a bit sick of DARK BROODING Rihanna.  You're from an island where the sun shines ALL THE TIME.  Smile a bit.