Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wilson Phillips are TOTES COMING BACK and we have the proof

Wilson Phillips were amazing.  I know it, you know it, and they know it.  Which is probably why they have made the very wise decision to stage an EPIC COMEBACK and trounce the pithy excuses for girl groups that flash their panties around the clubs these days.  People Magazine reports today that one third of the group, Chynna Phillips, who entered anxiety treatment after her SISTER REVEALED THAT SHE HAD A SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH THEIR FATHER, is back and ready to make some music with weight-loss spokeslady Carnie Wilson, and Wendy Wilson who as far as we know has never really done anything at all. 

Not only is there a tour involved, but a new album, which will be a CHRISTMAS ALBUM because they are always VERY GOOD in that way that Christmas albums are always TERRIBLE. 

In case you need reminding why, exactly, this is a red letter day for pop, here is one reason:

And another reason:

Both of these songs were NUMBER ONE and feature Carnie in SLIMMING POWERSUITS.