Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Agnes's new video goes 'On and On' - watch now!

Scandinavi-babe Agnes had a big breakthrough hit with 'Release Me' a few months ago, and she's doing her lip-glossiest, Fergie drag queeniest best to pull off a repeat performance.  Unfortunately, her follow up single 'On and On' is a lot more Euro and a lot less fantastic than 'Release Me.'  To be fair, 'Release' was a lightning-in-a-bottle corker, but while that track took 'late 90's ecstasy-riddled dance mix'  and made it NOW and BRILLIANT, this just seems like it came straight from a 'stuff we danced to in the 90's when we were rolling and had glow sticks for some reason' playlist on the computer of some middle aged IT guy in Dayton.  We're putting in our bets that the rest of this record campaign goes down as an also-ran, and then on her next album she identifies exactly what made 'Release Me' so appealing to pop fans around the world, chucks out 8 massive singles from one LP and becomes the Euro Lady Gaga.  Or she does a sex tape with Basshunter, gets dropped from her label, and lives out her days behind the till at a Boots pharmacy.  :(  Either way, we're off to listen to 'Release Me' again.