Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Natalie Imbruglia's 'Want' remix video

Natalie's BRILLIANT, Coldplay's Chris Martin-penned, comeback single 'Want' is out today in the UK, and to celebrate here is a brand new video for the Blunt Laser Remix.  It is amazing and we shall not entertain any notions that it is any less.  

Buy it now.  NOW.  UK residents can get it through the usual channels.  International buyers can go to 7digital.com to buy a copy. 

Britney turns '3' - listen now

The world waits.  A universe holds its breath.  And then the new Britney single debuted.  And it was ok.  It's a bit 'old Britney' but with all sorts of new production fun.  It has a nice low-key breakdown.  It will make some KILLER remixes.  It could be better, of course, but as long as she's not shaving her head it's fine with us. 

By the third listen it becomes pretty amazing.  Almost literally so.