Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's Scopitone Saturday! Donna Theodore has 'Femininity' in this week's selection

Once again it is time to suckle at the teat of 60's genius, as your Saturday Scopitone returns with a doozy.

Donna Theodore was a staple of shows like Johnny Carson and something called B.J. and The Bear which was not, we were disappointed to find, a gay porn.  She was one of those singer/actress things that were ALL THE RAGE back in the day, long before autotune and airbrushing allowed fat southern girls with no talent to be famous. 

Donna's most famous song was 'Femininity,' which chronicled the hatred and discrimination she faced because she was SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL.  She really was a looker, and was quite the fruitfly as well, apparently, since in this clip she spends all her time surrounded by gay guys in pastels.