Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Boyband ahoy! The Wanted's new single is QUITE GOOD INDEED - listen to the premiere now!

not gay.
The Wanted are a bit of a strange thing.  They burst to superstardom after making it through what Wikipedia calls a "mass audition" (and which most everyone else probably calls a "casting couch situation") and quickly established themselves as an inexplicably credible musical force.

Their debut track 'All Time Low' is one of the more innovative tracks to come out of Britian in recent years - not because it pushes the envelope, but because it took all the then-current trends and mashed them together in an understated and classy way.  And that's the formula that has kept The Wanted on top with their subsequent singles as well - they're edgy and urban without featuring Pitbull for no reason, and they pull off the dubstep/eurotrance/ravey thing without it sounding like an on-trend cash-in.

Also they are REALLY REALLY HOT.

With one single off their sophomore album still riding high on the charts (it peaked at #3), it's time for the boys to chuck out the tune that will properly launch the forthcoming LP.  It has a totally-not-gay title of "Glad You Came" and is kind of what would happen if Jennifer Lopez's 'On The Floor' was a little less crass and was sung by a group of really sexy teenage boys.  In other words it is very very good.