Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cascada get off on 'Pyromania' - watch the video now!

Cascada, the euro-dance power group, went all Gaga/RedOne with its current album, and actually found some surprising success with single 'Evacuate The Dancefloor.'  It became a worldwide smash, topping the UK charts, and inexplicably (blame the gays) gave the German group a number 25 hit in the US.  Looking to keep that momentum going, the group has chucked out sound-alike 'Pyromania,'  which isn't nearly as 'shout it from the rooftops' anthem-y as 'Evacuate,' and for that reason seems unlikely to match that song's dizzy heights.  Still, it's not completely unpleasant. 

As for the video, it has special effects, men in big bubbly space helmets, and a woman with absolutely horrifying two-tone hair.  So par for the course for Cascada. 

Out in the UK in April, and in the US over the summer (maybe)