Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sexy Lee Ryan is back with 'I Am Who I Am' and it is adorable - watch his acoustic performance now!

Lee Ryan, (whose Twitter account makes GREAT PAINS to point out that he is STILL A MEMBER of the superstar boyband BLUE) is stepping up promotion for his forthcoming second album, and if the lead single is anything to go by, it's going to be very very good.  ScopiSat were big fans of his underrated debut track 'Army of Lovers,' a #3 hit in the UK and a #1 in Italy for some reason.  Unfortunately, his next few singles didn't fare as well (#12, #15, and #101...yes, #101), but he is back in a big way for his new LP 'Confessions.'  The kickoff single is a double A-side, with 'I Am Who I Am' and 'Secret Love' getting a simultaneous promo push. 

Here is 'I Am Who I Am,' the far superior of the two tracks, done as a special acoustic performance.  It's already brilliant, but the video makes it much better by the inclusion of a number of photos and video clips of Ryan himself.  He is not difficult to look at, no?

And here is the video for the chav-tastic 'Secret Love.'  Its title is appropriate, since ScopiSat has an actual "secret love" for this song.  No seriously.  Don't tell anyone.  Please.

"An odd combination."

Both singles are out July 4