Monday, February 22, 2010

A brilliant pop tune for people who don't like pop tunes - watch the video for Diamond Rings' 'All Yr Songs' now!

Somewhere in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a bunch of hipsters are bong-repping salvia and feeling superior to everyone else.  They're also probably listening to this young Canadian by the name of John O'Regan.  The name of his band (which is really a side project for his main band D'Urbervilles) is actually Diamond Rings, but hipsters like to call him by his real name as if they run a home brewery with him in their bedroom or something. 

In any case, they think he is AMAZING but are incapable of saying so because they are HIPSTERS and instead will probably write a poem about buying used clothing and not show it to anyone.  

Good job hipsters.  You got this one right.