Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ace of Base is ACTUALLY BACK for some reason - listen to the brand new track now!

Ace of Base is amazing.  Let's get that out of the way right now.  Back when a hit song could be made with a Casio keyboard and a karaoke machine, AofB slapped a bunch of catchy hooks onto drum loops and took over the world to the tune of 21 million records sold of their debut album, 1993's 'The Sign.'  For a band with one hot guy, two ok babes and a guy that looked like a strip club bouncer that wasn't half bad, but alas their success was relatively short lived. 

A full decade and a half later (think about that for just a minute) the pop landscape has come full circle, and Gaga has ensured that the time is right for Base to be Ace again. 

The group, now 'freshened up' with two porn-star looking Scandinavian girls, is back and....not quite as good as before... with new single 'Mr. Replay.'  It's a Euro-reggae stomp that is neither going to change the world for the better nor ruin it BP style, and falls squarely into the 'mediocre' column.  This seems to be more of a buzz track than anything else, so maybe the quartet has some big stuff up their sleeves.  We wouldn't count on it, but we'll keep you posted.  For now, listen to 'Mr. Replay' while two girls lez out in a promotional picture.