Monday, August 16, 2010

Eva Simons decides to 'Take Over Control' - listen to the premiere now!

Eva Simons never really took off last year, and is still most remembered (when she is at all) for her track 'Silly Boy,' because for about 5 minutes everyone thought it was the new Rihanna single.  Essentially a Gaga-clone, she was very "of the moment" but never really clicked.  Fast forward a year, and Simons is getting a second chance with 'Take Over Control.'  It's officially an Afrojack (up and coming DJ Nick van de Wall) track, with the tablemaster carrying top billing.  But, as is the way of these things, it is Eva who does the vocal heavy lifting, and it could just as easily be her own solo single.  It manages to give the singer a much more identifiable sound than 'Boy,' and underscores the idea that there may be some life in this Dutch glamazon yet.  It's a hands-out, pants-down, poppers-o-clock rave-up even in this low-quality rip, and you can bet your booty shorts and American Apparel tank that the remixes are going to be EPIC.

No word on an official release, but promos and white labels are popping up all over.