Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here is a video of Joe Jonas having sex - watch the 'Just In Love' teaser and hear the new single now!

What's a purity ring?
Let's be honest.  The only reason we're writing this article is because Joe Jonas is a bona fide sex god whom we are A LITTLE BIT OBSESSED WITH.

Of course it doesn't hurt that his new song is not awful, but really that's just a footnote to the fact that he is "kind of attractive" in the same way that the British Royals are "kind of wealthy" and Xtina is "kind of fat." 

But the main thing to focus on is that the video totally features him doing sex to someone.  In fact, JJ released a nipple-baring preview clip of the vid a few days ago but since then we've been a bit shaky and distracted by it so we completely missed that like, 10 other previews have shown up online. 

Long story short, though, Joe Jonas is hot and his new song doesn't suck.

Here's him with his top off:

And here's a live version of the song (because apparently UMG wants NO ONE TO HEAR the studio recording because heaven forbid it becomes a hit):