Monday, January 3, 2011

Natalia Kills is 'Free' in her new track - listen now!

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Dammit, Natalia, you're confusing the hell out of us.  First you release 'Mirrors,' a very adequate jam, only to follow it up with an ill-advised buzz track, the substantially less good (read: a bit crap) 'Activate My Heart.'   Now, a mere two weeks later, another track has surfaced, and it is - somewhat troublingly - quite good indeed.  How are we supposed to determine whether you are any good or not, Miss Kills?  And, without this knowledge, how can we possibly continue living as though there is ANY CERTAINTY IN THIS WORLD?

This whole buzz campaign could actually help you out down the line, we suppose, since - thanks to "the blogs" and such - you can get feedback on what sounds resonate with the modern pop fan before you commit to a whole album.  Chuck out a few buzz songs and see what sticks, etc... In fact, a savvy record company might mount just this kind of campaign for that exact purpose.  Yes....yes they might.....