Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Jessie J is a 'Domino' listen to the single premiere now!

Nothing rhymes with "purple."
Bob-hairdo spokeswoman Jessie J is a busy-ass girl.  In between getting her hair angled and shopping for shoulderpads, she is currently peddling current single 'Who's Laughing Now' over in the UK.  But somehow she's also gearing up to launch her US track 'Domino' which is intended to launch her into the American pop stratosphere.  The song will also be a single over in the UK, but its release will probably be delayed a bit if 'Who's' is a success.

The whole thing might work too - 'Domino' is a corker of a jam in the vein of Katy Perry but less shouty, and - somehow - with even more of a pop edge.  The verses are refreshingly straightforward, and the chorus is hands-in-the-air at a party singalong anthemic. It was produced by Dr. Luke, who is behind some of Britney and Kelly Clarkson's biggest hits, but whose biggest achievement clearly is Paris Hilton's spectacular (citation needed) debut album. 

The good doctor certainly works his charms here - 'Domino' is all smooth and sleek with a remix-ready bass bump - and we have a feeling that over in the States Ms. J is about to be VERY BIG INDEED.

Also Paris really needs to put out another album.  Just sayin.