Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Willow Smith wants to 'Whip My Hair' in new video - watch the premiere now

So this whole 'Whip My Hair' video thing happened yesterday but we were still mulling over how exactly to feel about it.  There were a number of considerations that we had to take into account before passing any sort of judgment, including but not limited to the following:

1.  Willow is NINE and as such had little or no control whatsoever over the creative process, except for maybe saying 'can we have a part where Dora The Explorer comes in and dances' to which "her people" obviously (and, perhaps, sadly) said "no."
2.  The video is both brilliantly flashy and "new" and also tragically dated and unhip - it kind of looks like what would happen if Lady Gaga's handlers did a Cleopatra video.  (seriously, go watch 'Cleopatra's Theme' on YouTube now...we'll wait)
3.  She is NINE
4.  There are wigs and bejewelled appendages and that is generally VERY GOOD
5.  NINE
6.  The whole thing looks a bit like a Will Smith video
7.  'Independence Day' was pretty shit, wasn't it
8.  'I Am Legend' was alright though.
9.  NINE

Yeah...still don't know how to feel.