Thursday, August 20, 2009

Zarif says it's OVER with a dance beat and a very very good song

We've been hearing about Zarif for a while now, and she apparently released a single 'Over' on August 10th although you'll be hard pressed to find it (it's not on iTunes). Her biography on her website uses fun words like 'coalesce' and 'rubric' so we know she is an intellectual, and says things like 'Zarif was listening not just to the pop hits of Michael and Madonna, but working her way through Stevie Wonder and Prince albums, sneaking in to indie and rock clubs in Camden Town and Soho,' so we know she has diversity. Zarif is an up-and-coming 'soul star,' although this frankly epic remix would have you believe she is the next dancefloor diva, and that's diversity we can certainly get on board with. Here's her new single 'Over.' Apparently there's an official video of it knocking around somewhere but we can't find it on the interwebs and we like this version better anyway.

The single is out either now or soon (good job, promo department) on Sony or RCA or something.

Raveonettes commit Suicide

The Danish group Raveonettes are another one of those 'hotly tipped' bands for the upcoming year that may or may not make good on their promise of chart-domination and general amazingness. If this new track, 'Suicide' is anything to go by, they probably will. We'd love to give you a better recording, but the whole 'muffled feedback' thing just reinforces the excitement of listening to a brand new track that despite the crap recording is clearly absolutely brilliant.