Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kylie kills it on The X Factor - watch her debut of 'Better Than Today' now!

Kylie ingests her carbs for the year
If there's one thing that the relative failure of 'Get Outta My Way' in the UK (and oddly, its building success in the United States) has taught us, it's that there is a big difference between slick and soulless Kylie and bubbly personality-driven Kylie.  'Outta' was certainly the former, and was rejected as a bit generic and throw-away by the European public, who expect a little something more from their pop princess.  The US, on the other hand, just wants a good dance jam, and could care less about a back story.

It seems K-mo's people have finally caught on as well, because tonight's performance of new single 'Better Than Today' on The X Factor was everything it needed to be to put Miss Minogue back on top in her adopted homeland.  High concept (Pac Man - amazing) but also real, it had energy, neon, some ridiculous hats and miles of leg.  In short, it was pure Kylie all the way.

The entire performance is lifted from her US mini tour, bubbles over with energy and personality and features a near-miss with falling on her ass.  In short, well worth the watch.

'Better Than Today' is out now as an album download, and out Dec 7 as a single.