Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gabriella Cilmi is a 'Woman On A Mission' - listen to the new single now!

18 year-old Gabriella Cilmi, the Australian Amy Winehouse - Taylor Dayne hybrid (Amor Daynhouse just doesn't work does it :( ), burst onto the scene last year with her slow burning jam 'Sweet About Me.'  While the follow up singles didn't really light the charts on fire, the album was a decent hit, peaking at 8 in the UK and scraping the lower reaches of the US top 20.  But now, judging from the reaction in the 'blogosphere' (ugh), her new album is poised to propel her into the realm of full-on superstardom.  Let's look at the evidence:

1.  She's working with Xenomania
2.  She's working with Xenomania
3.  She's working with Xenomania

Yes, things are looking very good indeed.

The album is said to have a 70's/80's feel, influenced by Blondie.  With production help from the likes of Greg Kurstin (of Kylie and Little Boots fame), this record is shaping up to be a corker.  Here's the debut single 'Woman on a Mission,' remixed by the ever-dependable Wideboys. 

The single is in buzz mode now, to hit radio soon, and the album will follow in early 2010

New artwork for Rihanna's 'Rude Boy' single and Goldfrapp's 'Headfirst' album

Rihanna is in about the same place now as Goldfrapp was on their last album. Both did something unexpected and met with tepid sales. After the successes of their previous packages, however, it was unrealistic to expect that level of success to continue straight through. Sometimes it's a good idea for an artist or band to take a step back, have a lower profile, and then they can stage an epic comeback as the underdog. It's what Kelly Clarkson just did with the whole 'My December' thing. While Rihanna is in the midst of her rebuilding album, about to release a third single 'Rude Boy,' Goldfrapp are ready to emerge bigger and better with their next project 'Headfirst.'
The artwork for each just premiered, and they're both interesting in their own way.

Yes.  Very interesting.

No let's hope after this single Rihanna gets back in the studio for her big triumphant comeback.  Because we're still waiting for 'SOS' Mk II.