Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vanessa Amorosi's new video is kind of great - watch 'Gossip' now!

My bangs do not suit my facial structure.
Let's have a chat about Vanessa Amorosi for a second, shall we?

First of all, we thought she was like, 45 or something, since her last couple videos made her look like one of those moms-of-four who are "pretty" but are a bit worse for wear.  HOWEVER THIS IS NOT THE CASE.  She is 27, you guys.  Twenty-seven.

Anyway, weird anti-aging failure aside, she's had a pretty good go of it all things considered.  After all, she's clawed her faux-ginger ass all the way up the Australian pop ladder from nothing to something and managed to achieve solid C-list status. 

We first fell in love with her back in 2000 when she put out the BONA FIDE JAM 'Absolutely Everybody' (which really should have been titled 'Absolutely Everybody Who Is Gay Or A Teenage Girl' because let's be honest not one other person enjoyed that song) and then she did some stuff not even the homos cared about, but she's experienced somewhat of a renaissance of late.

She scored her first Australian #1 back in '09 with the lead single from her fourth album, and has maintained a relatively high profile since.  And we have a feeling that 'Gossip' will continue her winning streak, since it's actually pretty alright.  The track is a rock-lite dancy thing, with all sorts of hip references to "the facebooks" and "the tweetings" and such.  It's probably supposed to be a scathing commentary on social media and how we're all just weird impersonal walking robots now, but in reality it's just a straight up good pop song.

And the video.  Oh, the video.  It's sort of "gothic house party," sort of "Addams Family Gone Wild," but thanks to some clever camera tricks and the adorable Miss Amorosi it is a little bit amazing. In a sort of B-list "this will do" way.

Which, if you'll remember, is actually a step up for her. So good job, 'nessa.

Vanessa Amorosi - Gossip from Elahn Zetlin on Vimeo.